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THE largest list of sites to make your own banner ad for FREE found anywhere on the web?
If you know of ANY other FREE banner-making sites missing from here, please let us know!

Sites where you can make FREE standard-size banners to use on Carolina Banner Exchange:

If we can simply reduce a larger graphic down to the standard 468x60 banner ad dimensions or make a quick screen shot of a web page to crop and/or reduce it down to 468x60 size without much trouble, we will try to do it for ONLY TEN DOLLARS! Just email us with the web site address where we can see what you have in mind or send your image as an attachment. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER! If we can help someone who would have a hard time or is unable (or unwilling) to do this on their own, we will do it. You could consider this a $50.00 value banner at an 80% off special. This offer may be gone at ANY time! If you want to order this service, click the order button below.

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Our background? Map of Carolina with no border between North and South (1676)

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